Wild About Jersey

Jersey’s threatened birds

In 2011, Jersey produced the first red list of bird species for any of the Channel Islands*. A red list is an internationally recognised document aimed at highlighting those species most threatened with local or global extinction.

Light and Noise Pollution

Almost everything we do has an impact on the world around us. When we think about pollution, we will often think about vehicle exhaust fumes or plastics contaminating beaches. You may not realise that noise and light can also be a form a pollution if they become harmful to wildlife.


Why are they harmful to wildlife?

Wild About Jersey 2017

Come see us at Wild About Jersey where we will be looking at earthworms with UK experts Emma and Kerry from the Earth Worm Society of Britain.  

Throughout the day we will have earthworms on the show so you can your practice measuring skills and learn about their biology and life underground.

At 12:30-13:00 on Saturday and Sunday you can join in with an earthworm survey. Which involves digging and checking which of the three groups they belong to, checking soil types so be prepared for muddy hands (but gloves will be provided!).